Replacing Your Unit & Recycling Collection Service. Sustainability

Replacing Your Unit

You only need to replace your separator after 2 years of service.

Like all of our separators, replacement units can be purchased directly from us by dentists, dental engineers and organisations.

Recycling Collection Service

There are no contracts with the Alvaley® Amalgam Separator, when you’ve replaced your unit then let us know and we will come and collect it (for free), please either call us, WhatsApp or email [email protected]

All of our separators have the same signature design and over the years we have made them in just about every colour, some of them have our name on and some are just plain.

All collections follow the waste regulations process in terms of a Consignment Note will be supplied which you will need for your CQC audit.

We also now recycle the following amalgam separators:

  • Amalsed (green box)
  • Srab 99 (green / black box)
  • Rasch (white box)
  • Solmetex Hg5 (cartridge)
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