Alvaley® Amalgam Separator – Size Two. Suitable for all multiple surgery dryline suction systems.

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Alvaley® amalgam separator suitable for all multiple surgery dryline suction systems.

  • Global certification, TUV tested, complies to BS EN ISO 11143.
  • 2 year parts warranty
  • This is Europe’s most cost effective Amalgam Separator
    • Not electrical (no power required)
    • No running costs
    • No maintenance
    • No servicing
    • No hidden costs
    • Installation cost £100 (average)
    • Silent operation
  • 100% recyclable
  • Fits all dry line suction pumps
  • No rotors/collector cups
  • Easy fit
  • Up to 2 years usage without needing to be recycled
  • Small and compact
    • Height – 44cm (18 inch)
    • Diameter – 25cm (10 inch)
    • To save space, this can be installed into a standard 60cm high cabinet beneath your separator
  • Supplied with:
    • 2 metres of hose
    • 1 x 1 ¼ inch universal waste pipe connectors
    • 4 hose clips
    • 2 adaptors (hose to universal waste fitting)
  • Recycling service available
  • This is designed for use on a multiple surgery dry line suction pump.

Wet-line, Dry-line

1 review for Alvaley® Amalgam Separator – Size Two (Multiple Surgery Dryline i.e. Durr, Cattani etc)

  1. Dental Centre, Harrow

    I buy 2 different types of separators every 2 years, I’m glad the business stayed in the family, keep doing a good job

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