We are the creator, brand owner and only manufacturer and recycler of Alvaley® Amalgam Separators

We are a second generation small family business which was created by our founder the late Carl Holbrook who was a former Henry Schein dental engineer. Our first amalgam separator was was installed into a dental practice in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England back in 2005 and since then we have been supplying dentists, dental engineers and dental organisations with our globally certified products.

We have a great reputation for quality and service and our name is instantly recognisable in the dental industry.

Below is an early photograph taken in 2005 of the founders son Drue Holbrook assembling the first version of the separator.

Alvaley Drue Holbrook 2005 2

From 15th July 2005, mandatory regulations came in to force for all suction systems to be fitted with Amalgam separation. Alvaley® was created to meet this regulatory demand. We created a range of amalgam separation systems, all of which are fully certified to ISO11143. All of our separators are chemical resistant, you will not need to replace this product for years. They are the cheapest in the world, they have no running costs and no power is required. They are easy to install, 60%+ of our customers install it themselves, if you do not want to then speak to your local dental engineer / company.