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    Dental Amalgam Separator

    Alvaley Dental Amalgam Separator - suitable for all single surgery dry-line suction systems.

    This is the UK's most popular separator and the World's most cost-effective Dental Amalgam Separator.

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Alvaley are manufacturers, suppliers and installers of Dental Amalgam Separator systems.


The Alvaley Dental Amalgam Separator

The World's most durable, cost-effective and easiest fitting Amalgam Separator

Dental Amalgam SeparatorAlvaley Dental Amalgam Separators are fully-certified to ISO BS EN 11143 and are CE marked, they are fully chemical resistant - you will not need to recycle this product for many years.

Alvaley Dental Amalgam Separators are the cheapest in the World. They have no running costs, and no power is required. All our Amalgam Separators can handle up to 6 litres per minute.

They are easy to install; 60%+ of our customers install them themselves. If you don't want to then contact us for details of your local dental engineer / company.

We offer a no contract recycling service. Pay for the recycling only when it needs to be done. Read more